Putin Did Not Threaten FIFA To Lift Suspension On Russia — Fact Check

Putin did not threaten FIFA to include Russia in World Cup

Putin did not threaten FIFA to include Russia in World Cup

Have you seen any of the viral posts on social media claiming Putin has sent a strong warning to FIFA that there would be no World Cup in 2022 without Russia? Did you believe it? Let’s cross-check and find the truth.

So far, no official source has proven that Putin has threatened FIFA to include Russia in the World Cup or else there wouldn’t be any 2022 World Cup.

The said post about Putin’s threat says:

“FIFA must not enter into war politics, The National Football team of Russia will play FIFA World Cup in Qatar, or there won’t be WORLD CUP at all”

People have jumped to conclusions without looking out for the fact. It sounds very crazy for anyone to hear of that. Such a weird statement needs verification before you conclude.

Putin is that “Mr. Evil” at the moment that almost the entire world has stood against him for his inhuman act against Ukraine. However, we shouldn’t be gullible to misinformation circulating on social media.

The photo in the viral post looks authentic as it features a photograph of FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Putin alongside the World Cup trophy. Below it is what reads that Putin has threatened FIFA to lift the suspension on Russia.

Putin threatening FIFA is fake news

“If Russia does not play the Qatar 2022 World Cup, there will be no World Cup to talk about,” he threatened the football body.

Last Friday Putin acknowledged that the sanctions imposed on his country have been too burdensome. He tried to defend his motives that he had no bad intentions in his action against his neighboring countries.

Quick research into the viral post has shown no genuine basis. It is fake. So don’t fall for it.

On Twitter, platforms such as “TV channel” with this handle @mdntvlive and “Truthteller” with this handle @truthteller83602973 plus other social media bloggers have shared this misinformation about Putin’s threat against FIFA. There is no variable truth in this —except Russia’s appeal to FIFA to lift the ban on their football team.

FIFA, together with UEFA took to a strong decision by releasing a statement that said Russia has been banned from all international football competitions.

From the beginning of March, Vladimir Putin has been aggressive in an unprovoked war in Ukraine killing innocent souls and causing high damage to properties.

International sanctions have been taken against his country and the Russian football team has been hit so hard by such sanctions.

The team is supposed to enter a World Cup play-off game on March 24. But looking at FIFA’s ban, it would be impossible for such a match to be played.

In an attempt to rectify this suspension by FIFA, the Russian football governing body filed an appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) on March 03, 2022.

This is the only verifiable action the Russians have taken against the sanctions.

In conclusion, no verifiable sources are saying Putin has threatened FIFA for a by force 2022 World Cup inclusion of Russia. It is fake news.

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