Chicago Pastor and Husband Killed in Hit-And-Run

Chicago pastor and husband killed in hit and run

Chicago pastor and husband killed in a hit and run

Sad news coming from the Body of Christ Deliverance Ministries in Chicago has revealed a cruel crime from an unknown person. One of their Pastors, Apostle Yvonne Lee-Wilson, 65 together with the husband Adelbert Wilson, 69 have met their untimely death in a hit and run.

Sources say the incident happened last week. A police investigation has revealed that the couple just finished a prayer service at their church, Body of Christ Deliverance Ministries, and were unfortunately killed in a hit and run.

In a Facebook post, Jessica D’Onofrio ABC7 also shared a beautiful photo of Apostle Yvonne Lee-Wilson and her husband Adelbert Wilson.

She announced their death claiming the family of the Wilsons released it to the public making them aware of their demise in a hit and run last week.

Geneva Davis, the sister of Dr. Lee-Wilson reached out to the public by saying:

“I would like for them to turn themselves in. We don’t know if it was an accident or intentional,”

“I was devastated, frustrated … and just trying to understand why,” Davis added.

The couple, who were married for over 34 years, leave behind two daughters, eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

“They were some extremely beautiful people,” said fellow pastor Lolita Luckett, who knew the couple for years.

“She was a great woman and she left a great legacy behind,” Luckett said. “She touched the lives of many, many people, too many to even count. In and out of Illinois.”

Davis wants the person responsible for the death of the Chicago pastor and husband to acknowledge the hurt he/she has caused the church and the beloved families of Apostle Yvonne Lee-Wilson, and husband Adelbert Wilson.

She is pleading with the public for anyone knowledgeable about the ‘hit and run’ to show up.

“I don’t know if you realize what you did. You should come forward because you hurt a family, you hurt church members, you hurt people all over,” said Davis. “Not only did you hit them but you ran.”

It has been reported, the police are still doing an investigation about this sad event. At the scene of the crash, police have found a white Nissan Rogue with its doors open. They believe it’s the car belonging to the hit and run suspect.

This will therefore aid in their investigation to track the person responsible for the death of the Chicago pastor and her husband.

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