Man Jailed 80 Years For strangling And Stabbing A Woman At Church To Death

Man jailed 80 years for killing a woman in a church

Man To Spend 80 Years In Jail For Strangling And Killing A Woman At A Catholic Church in Indianapolis.

Man jailed 80 years for killing a woman in a church

Robert Burks has been found guilty of the death of a woman found strangled and stabbed inside an Indianapolis Catholic Church.

The cause of  Morey’s death wasn’t known immediately until forensic research aided in the arrest and prosecution of an 80 years man called Robert Burks.

The research found Burk’s DNA on parts of Morey’s body. This helped a lot by spotting him out as the murderer.

It appears that the suspected criminal found the woman vulnerable. People are questioning why he should kill her by strangling and stabbing her in a Church. It sounds a little weird.

Again, an investigation revealed that the victim already filed a report against Burk. In the report, she complained about having a black eye which is said to have been caused by receiving punches from Burks on her face.

Reports say, Julie Morey, the 58 years old woman was spotted dead in St. Patrick Catholic Church — Indianapolis on November 3, 2019. Morey’s dead body appeared to have gone through strangling and stabbing.

After his arrest and court trial, the suspect being Robert Burks was found guilty of the crime. He went through a one-day trial in his court case.

Pronouncement of his imprisonment has been made. Sources say the deceased woman, Morey wasn’t a member of St. Patrick Catholic Church. She was a homeless woman who had been visiting the church for the past two years.

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