Christian Priest Arrested In Russia For Denouncing Putin’s War Saying They Can’t Stand Idle

Christian priest arrested in Russia for denouncing war

Christian priest arrested in Russia for denouncing war

Reports say Putin’s government quickly made changes in their law to forbid anyone who speaks against his unprovoked war. This attempt to crack down protests from Russians has resulted in thousands like Father Ioann Burdin being arrested.

It’s getting really serious that even citizens of Russia are finding it difficult to live their normal lives.

The Orthodox Church at large has shown a great concern about the invasion and its effects on humans and properties.

According to the BBC, Father Ioann Burdin was arrested last week shortly after sharing a sermon against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He together shared anti-war images and a petition on his church’s website. This was seen as a crime and has plunged the priest into a tight spot.

The said priest delivered his anti-war sermon to people at a small local church in a village found in Karabanovo —which is approximately 75 kilometers northeast of Moscow.

In a statement posted on his church’s website along with the petition, Father Ioann Burdin said:

“We Christians cannot stand idly by when a brother kills brother, a Christian kills a Christian.

This is a gentle and peaceful statement any Christian could make to advocate for peace. This is the same way the Bible teaches Christians to be peacemakers.

Putin appears to disregard the teachings of the Bible against the killing of innocent souls.

The Priest continued by saying:

“Let’s not repeat the crimes of those who hailed Hitler’s deeds on Sept 1, 1939.”

BBC reported that over 13,000 Russians had been arrested for protesting the unprovoked war Putin has leveled against their neighboring country — Ukraine. Over 4,600 people were arrested the same day as Father Burdin.

This huge number of arrests happened within the first two weeks of the invasion.

The Russian government has charged the priest of ‘discrediting the use of the Armed Forces.’ It appears that this law was chipped in just before Putin invaded Ukraine.

Meaning, Putin and his officials knew the unprovoked war will receive backlash from many people and other groups in the country. So they made a law to crack them down.

Father Burdin, charged with discrediting Putin’s war appeared in court for prosecution.

He was found guilty of his sermon against the use of armed forces. Father Burdin was charged to pay a “hefty fine” which is 35,000 Russian Rubles (about $465 CAD).

Reports say those who were also found guilty could face up to 15 years in prison.

It’s a disheartening situation even for the citizens of Russia. Putin’s tyrannical approach has ended up killing thousands of people: Ukrainian soldiers, Russian soldiers, civilians, and massive destruction to properties.

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