20 Years Man Charged After Ukrainian Church In Chicago Burglarized

20 years Torribio arrested after a Ukrainian Church burglarized
Torribio, 20 — Chicago Police Department 

It’s quite disturbing hearing of a man whom police have charged for unlawful entry into a Ukrainian Church in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood last Saturday. He is said to have a connection with the burglarized church event.

Sources revealed that, at around 1:08 a.m., in the 900 block of North Washtenaw, Holy Protection Parish of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine was tempered. Torribio, a 20 years man has been charged by the Chicago Police with one felony count of burglary at a house of worship, one count of criminal property damage, and then again one count of trespassing.

The police reported that a custodian worker told them they found a broken window on the side of the church, where an entry point was made.

Video footage showed that Torribio took several unidentified items from the church before fleeing.

Torribio’s burglary act has left people questioning whether there is a reason behind his act —considering Putin’s attack on Ukraine. They are asking why he should target a Ukrainian Church in Chicago.

Authorities are doing further investigation to come out with any hidden truth.

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