Katy Perry Rejoices Over Her ‘Dark Horse’ copyright lawsuit Win Against Christian Rapper Gray

Kathy Perry wins copyright infringement appeal

The American singer and songwriter Katy Perry last Thursday won her appeal in a copyright lawsuit infringement over her 2013 hit Dark Horse against Marcus Gray.

Kathy Perry wins copyright infringement appeal

Katy Perey, the American R&B singer has voiced out her joy over her win against Christian rapper Marcus Gray. She appealed to the law court to redeem her image over a copyright lawsuit against her 2013 hit Dark Horse.

In 2013, the media was made to believe that Katy Perry has infringed on Christian rapper Marcus Gray’s song.

Last Thursday a federal court appeal ended up going in favor of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse copyright lawsuit against Christian rapper Marcus Gray.

Kathy is no more deemed to pay the said $2.8 million copyright infringement to the Christian rap star.

Gray is a popular Christian rap singer with the stage name ‘Flame.’

He released “Joyful Noise” song in 2008 as part of the album Our World. The song moved to No. 5 on the Billboard Top Gospel Chart in 2008. Gray first sued Kathy Perry in 2014 for copying his song in her Dark Horse.

This made airways in America and around the world. In the long run, the law court has settled this copyright infringement case in favor of Kathy Perry —the 37-year-old ‘roar’ singer.

A video of her has hit the Internet receiving many positive reactions from fans. Kathy has about 155 million followers on Instagram. She expressed her views over her court appeal win in Last Vegas on Friday night.

She took a moment to say:

“So just be sure… before you take me to court, ’cause I’m a Scorpio, [expletive]!” she shouted out to the crowd. Her euphoric reaction’s video from the concert was shared online by one of her fans.

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