Pastor From North Carolina Hosts Free ‘Gas On God’ Event Gifting $10,000 To Drivers

Pastor Brain Carn gives out free $10,000 worth of gas
Pastor Brain Carn gives out free $10,000 worth of gas
Pastor Brian Carn donated roughly $10,000 worth of free gas to Charlotte drivers. Photo credit: Spectrum News

As the world keeps striving to survive economic hardships because of COVID-19, the war between Russia and Ukraine has intensified it. Unfortunately, the sanctions leveled against Russia for her unjustified attack on Ukraine have had an adverse effect on fuel prices.

There is a spike and this could be felt in many different countries. Russia is one of the major producers of gas, and now they have been banned from exporting their gas and other goods.

In an attempt to alleviate the challenges, a pastor named Brian Carn from North Carolina has donated $10,000 worth of free gas to Charlotte drivers.

Spectrum News reported that Pastor Brian Carn from North Carolina hosted an event to give out free gas to drivers. He was moved by compassion just like Jesus Christ to help curtail the fuel shortage and its high prices problem by dashing out some gas to drivers.

Brian Carn who is the lead pastor of Kingdom City Church hosted his “Gas on God” event last weekend. 100’s of drivers benefited from this project.

Sources say he founded his church in September 2016. Since then, there has been an expansion of his Kingdom City Church into three total campuses in Charlotte, Jacksonville, Florida, and Houston.

This “Gas on God” event took place last week giving support to those who need help. He spent $10,000 worth of free gas to more than 300 drivers on the west side of Charlotte.

Pastor Brian Carn explained the awful feeling of running out of gas especially when children are involved. He further said, since Jesus fed the needy with food and prayed for them, he also feel that responsibility to help people, especially in difficult moments like this.

In addition, he gave out some free grocery gift cards and delivered drive-up prayers encouraging those in need.

He said:

“Whenever people have to make a choice between gas and children going to school or eating, it’s a real tragedy.”

Pastor Carn, in an interview with WCNC said:

“We got to get out here. People are hurting. People have situations,” “One man literally pushed his car up here, was out of gas. Another lady came and said, ‘I don’t need gas, but I need prayer.’”

In all, Pastor Carn gave out that $10,000 worth of free gas from his own pocket. The team who also helped him supply free gas, food and said prayers to motivate drivers said they were trying to be a blessing to others.

As the Bible has said, there are more blessings in giving than receiving. So Pastor Carn’s “Gas on God” event tried to be a blessing for people who needed that help.

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