Tornado In Texas Destroys Properties And Leaves At Least 4 Injured

Tornado sweeps over Texas destroying houses
Tornado sweeps over Texas destroying houses
Tornadoes Jarrod Schneider, who lives on Oxford Drive in Round Rock, Texas, helps his neighbors clean up after a tornado heavily damaged several homes on the street on Monday, March 21, 2022. (Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman via AP) (Jay Janner/AP)

Nature has roared against the residents of Texas. A natural disaster has threatened the people of Texas on late Monday. Reports say at least 4 people got injured leaving several other houses damaged.

The tornado outbreak swept over part of Texas, before wreaking havoc in Oklahoma.

A video of this incident has been shared online and it’s surprising how the Tornado spun a truck like a toy car.

Initially, there were no casualties recorded. But afterward, 4 people are said to be injured. Thankfully, nobody lost his life.

USA Today reported that City officials in Elgin, east of Austin, Texas, confirmed that there have been serious damages. The officials said at least 4 injuries have been recorded since the tornado struck part of Texas. In addition, one was hospitalized, and a rescue was underway of two people in a collapsed structure.

The City Manager of Bert Cunningham said the worst damage was East of the town, with as many as four entrapments reported.

Other Damages reported by KXAS-TV have confirmed that at least one high school and an animal shelter in Jacksboro, Texas, suffered significant damage just before 4 p.m., with the Jacksboro High School gym taking a direct hit but no injuries to students or school personnel were reported.

The Tornado that hit Texas last Monday late after is described as fairly extensive by experts.

Video footage shows cars being moved in parking lots by wind, roofs being ripped off houses across multiple neighborhoods and bark stripped off some trees.

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