Name Of Biblical Judge Found On A 3,100-Year-Old Pottery By Archeologists

Archaeologists find Bible name Jerubbaal on broken pottery

Dafna Gazit | Israel Antiquities Authority

Archaeologists find Bible name Jerubbaal on broken pottery
Dafna Gazit | Israel Antiquities Authority

The Bible has been scrutinized by many Bible scholars, scientists, and non-believers. Some try to discredit the events, miracles, or teachings recorded by the 40 different writers of the Holy Bible.

Even a Christian believer might be in doubt of one or two things recorded in the scriptures.

Interestingly, archeologists have found a lot of pieces of evidence supporting what the Bible recorded several years ago. The ‘dead sea scrolls’ is a good example.

The recent one being a ceramic fragment bearing the name of Biblical judge called Jerubbaal is no exception. Jerubbaal was popularly known as Gideon before he did something spectacular to earn that name ‘Jerubbaal.’

What Archaeologists Have Found About Jerubbaal?

Sources say an excavated site at the Southern part of Israel has led to a new discovery that relates to biblical judge Jerubbaal. The name was written on a shard of pottery.

It is the first time they have found a name recorded in the book of Judges through excavation.

Haaretz’s Ruth Schuster has given some explanation about this discovery by saying the name was written on the ceramic fragment in ink.

It is dated to be 3,100 years ago, which coincides with the Book of Judges. Experts say this piece of material was found in a stone-lined, subterranean storage pit. They believe the entire vessel was small and might contain a precious material, like oil or medicine.

Understanding The Name On The Pottery

The name is said to be written in an ancient alphabet that was developed nearly 4,000 years ago.

In a YouTube video, Answers News broadcast hosts Patricia Engler, Roger Patterson, and Dr. Gabriella Haynes shared their knowledge on Gideon and his special name Jerubbaal found in Judges and how significant it is to the discovery. Watch the video below:

Some speculations say it could be a different Jerubbaal but not Gideon. This has been a controversial issue. Even if it is a different person, he should have a link to Gideon.

However, Gideon is the one who accomplished something special in the book of Judges before earning the name Jerubbaal from his father. It would be unlikely there is a different person who bore that name.

Who Was Gideon Or Jerubbaal in The Book Of Judges?

Gideon or Jerubbaal comes from the tribe of Manasseh. He was a valiant and prudent judge of Israel who stayed mainly with the eastern and northern tribes, B. C. 1249 to 1209. He resided in Ophrah, east of the Jordan.

He performed a special tasked for the Lord of Heaven and Earth by destroying the temple of the pagan god called Baal.

In the morning when these pagan worshipers (Midianites and the Amalekites) found out what Gideon had done they sought to kill him. But Gideon’s father charged them to leave that vengeance to their god if indeed he is a god with any power of rendering punishment.

“Therefore on that day he called him Jerubbaal, saying, Let Baal plead against him, because he hath thrown down his altar” (Judges 6:32)

This name ‘Jerubbaal’ literally means “contender with Baal.” It is what archeologists have found written on 3,100-year-old pottery.

Gideon’s victory over the Midianites is recorded in Judges 6-8.

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