Christian Singer Says My ‘Allahu Akbar’ Song Is To Show Love For Muslims —Broda Sammy

Broda Sammy

Broda Sammy

Ghanaian gospel musician Broda Sammy has defended his ‘Allah Akbar’ song as a means of showing love to Muslims but not a ploy to make fun of them. He says to promote peace and unity in Ghana and the entire world.

Broda Sammy
Broda Sammy

A popular Ghanaian gospel singer who is well known as Broda Sammy has been criticized by Christians for releasing a song entitled ‘Allahu Akbar.’ He has defended his motive by saying the song is to show love to Muslims and he intentionally released it during the month of Ramadan, the Holy month of Muslims in which they observe their 29/30-day fasting.

Ghanaians have poured out their displeasure for hearing this profound musician mixing up his career with Islamic beliefs — his new song ‘Allahu Akbar’ which translates ‘God is Great’ in Arabic has gone viral on the internet due to its controversial content.

Why Broda Sammy Released Allahu Akbar Song For Muslims

Broda Sammy says, he aims at bringing love and unity among Christians and Muslims in Ghana and even around the world. He believes they have common religious beliefs and worship the same God.

During an interview with  Doreen Avio on Monday, the “Nation Worshipper” admonished that togetherness is essential among humans, irrespective of their choice of faith. He said:

“The song is a unity song. The Bible says ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. Unity is what we need here in Ghana,” said Broda Sammy. “It doesn’t mean that because I am a gospel artiste, the Muslim is my enemy.”

In his defense against Christians who are criticizing his song, Broda Sammy called them hypocrites.

Allahu Akbar, was purely intended to bond the two religions because they are all heading to the same destination – the “same” God:

“We Christians are hypocrites. We are all going to the same God. Muslims are going to God through Muhammad (P.B.U.H); Christians, through Jesus Christ, We are all going to God. That’s what it means – we are one,” he noted.

You can watch Broda Sammy’s interview about his song below:

Criticism From Muslims

While Christians in Ghana have taken to social media condemning the singer’s song, some Muslims in the county also feel unhappy about how Broda Sammy presented himself in the video as a Muslim.

They feel like the singer is making fun of their religious beliefs and practices —looking at the costumes and gestures used in the video clip.

In the video, his Islamic dress code and the use of white and red check-patterned Arabian scarf — together with Islamic counting beads do not augur well for many Muslims in Ghana. They believe the gospel singer is trying to make fun of them.

Broda Sammy once again has defended his motive that he did not mean any foul play. He said he has no intention of mimicking the religion and its practices in a negative way. He is not making a mockery of the Islamic religion but rather showing love that leads to unity.

The Christian fraternity has vehemently stated that it is wrong for the famed gospel singer to move to that dimension.

Some believe he is working out for the one-world government, religion, currency, ruler to come into effect quickly — as prophesied in the Bible.

On the other hand, many others have shown much interest in the song. They have praised him for singing about Allah and aiming to bring unity among these two big religions in Ghana.

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