Flood Kills About 400 People In South Africa

KwaZulu-Natal flood in South Africa

Children walk on a damaged road in Durban on Thursday. (The Associated Press)

Flood in KwaZulu-Natal Province in South Africa kills about 400 people, knocks out power lines, shuts down water services, disrupts port operations, and leaves tens of thousands of people affected.

KwaZulu-Natal flood in South Africa
Children walk on a damaged road in Durban on Thursday. (The Associated Press)

While the world is witnessing massive death in the Russian-Ukraine war, South Africa has unfortunately been hit by a natural disaster drawing the attention of the world as they grieve and find amicable solutions. The Floods that happened in the KwaZulu-Natal Province have destroyed lives and properties. Power lines have been knocked out and disrupted port operations.

Thousands of people have been rendered homeless in the flooding in South Africa. On Friday, authorities released emergency funds to help people who have lost their houses and other belongings to the flood.

Sadly, it has been reported that about 400 people on the country’s East Coast have lost their lives. It is estimated that about 40,000 people or more have been affected by the flood. Emergency help is currently underway with future plans to deal with such situations.

The State broadcaster SABC said the death toll rose to 395 on Friday from an earlier estimate of 341. The KwaZulu-Natal flood has forcibly shut down water services and disrupted operations at one of Africa’s busiest ports.

Reports say Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana told TV station Newsroom Afrika that an initial one billion rand ($86 million Cdn) being an emergency fund has been made available for immediate use after the province was declared a disaster area.

Researchers have stated that the said location of the flooding is prone to more natural disasters of its kind in the future. They believe the southeastern coast of Africa is becoming more vulnerable to violent storms. The area is said to be more vulnerable to violent storms because of certain human activities.

The week is a special moment for Christians celebrating Easter. It has been a very sad story to see people die in numbers and others suffer from the natural disaster.

In an effort to comfort those affected by the KwaZulu-Natal flooding, some Christians have marked the Easter weekend with solemn condolences to the bereaved families and anyone affected by it. They have shown much love and concern with the hope of receiving much comfort from the Lord.

As a silent procession took place in Durban to mark the Easter weekend celebration, Christian worshippers laid flowers on a cross.

Raymond Perry, who is the director of Christian charity The Dennis Hurley Centre said:

“There are so many reasons to lose hope at this time.” He added: “The Christian message is: ‘even in the face of despair there is hope.'”

The government and other relief services are doing their best to cater to the needs of people affected by this violent flood.

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