Former Ghanaian Slay Queen Moesha Makes Claim Of Dating A Popular Man Of God

Moesha is in a relationship with a man of God in Ghana

Moesha is in a relationship with a man of God in Ghana

Born again Christian Moesha Boduong has talked about her current dating status without much detail. She says she is dating a popular man of God whom she doesn’t want to reveal his identity.

Who Is Boduong?

Moesha Boduong was a former Ghanaian socialite, brand influencer and actress who became very popular through an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on issues relating to sex, women, love and relationships.

Is Moesha Boduong Married?

As of 2022 Moesha Boduong is not married but has revealed her relationship with an undisclosed popular man of God who helped in her Christian conversation.

In an interview with blogger Eugene Osafo-Nkansah, the 32-year-old actress mentioned that she is in love with a certain man of God.

To protect the man’s reputation from public ridicule and other criticism from Ghanaians — she didn’t reveal his identity because he is already facing severe backlash from Ghanaians.

She also confirmed that she loves him so much. The said man has established a water business for her and a few other businesses which are currently her source of income.

The actress has gone through a lot of crises following her encounter with a supposed business tycoon who traded her soul for money after sleeping with her. She nearly died but by God’s grace, she is still alive and living her best life to be a godly woman.

She found herself in a lot of difficulties following her conversion. Moesha bemoaned becoming poor when she repented. But today, with the help of her supposed companion she is running a small water business that sustains her.

“Branding my business with my identity would never make anyone purchase my great brand since the world hates to make actresses rich through their businesses. I am a great entrepreneur that was never seen working but I was making so much money silently and always pretending to the whole world. Indeed, I am a smart young woman”, she said.

She has 2.8 million followers on Instagram. And so could capitalize on that to make a lot of money but she hasn’t pushed her business on her fans as she used to do in her ‘slaying’ days as an influencer.

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