Nicole Arbour’s FAME-ISH delivers the truth about social media

Nicole Fame-ish

It’s no shock that the music industry routinely brings us less than Christian messaging. The seven deadly sins are shown off as the seven best ways to have fun, and artists seem to go along with whatever will sell. This is what makes Nicole Arbour’s new single “FAME-ISH” a breath of fresh air.

In a simple white room wearing a simple grey tracksuit she’s joined with a gospel choir to preach “Takin all the selfies, ain’t actin like your selfie, working to be liked got you hating yourself. Girl I want to see you, get back to the real you, trying to be Fame-ish, we all need help.”
Wow. That’s a message we’ve been waiting for.
“Left and Right wanna fight, money machine, k bye.” as she throws away cardboard cutouts of two political figures. Toss away the ones causing the fighting and unify again is a great idea.
Beautiful models in lingerie enter the frame and I’m worried this is just another rap video until Nicole hands them all robes and they play a game of Jenga instead of taking photos of themselves. You can see the models genuinely smiling and having fun being themselves. Such a clever way to deliver the message.

Feels like a great tiktok trend would be to play the song in the car for your kids or teens, and film their reaction. Start the discussion about social media and see where it honestly leads.
Is Nicole a specifically “Christian Artist?” No. In fact she releases words that would make a sailor blush in her first single. But, just like we’ve lived to see Justin Timberlake bring Sexy Back then make hits for feature film cartoons, it’s great to praise an artist when they bring something forward that’s clearly an offering of the good for the good.
“Lord watch my steps, cause the enemy’s heinous.” …Nicole gets it.

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