Satanic Church Leader Turns To Christ After Experiencing God’s Love For The First Time

Satanic leader Riaan Swiegelaar turns to Jesus Christ

Riaan Swiegelaar — photo credit: facebook

A Satanist church leader known as Riaan Swiegelaar has resigned from his top position to follow Jesus Christ after finding true love in him. He has also canceled his fellowship which has been confirmed by the organization’s governing body.

Who Is Riaan Swiegelaar?

Riaan Swiegelaar is a South African gentleman from Oudtshoorn in Western Cape Town. He is the former presiding Reverend and Co-founder at SA Satanic Church.

The Conversion Story Of Riaan Swiegelaar

Swiegelaar shared a video of himself last Monday denouncing his satanism and position as a Satanic church leader in the South African Satanic Church (SASC). He took such a bold decision on May 30, 2022, after experiencing true love from Christ.

According to him, most of Satanic members are having similar challenges of brokenness with deep hurt within themselves. He started that cult after going through a broken heart and other hurtful situations.

“I think a lot of people resonate at Satanism when they come from a very broken place… I have met thousands of Satanists over the past year and they are extremely hurt and broken. That’s the one thing they all have in common,” he said.

When talking about what made him change his mind —he explained having an unusual experience of a woman hugging her after granting an interview on the CapeTalk radio station in May this year. In the interview, he criticized Christianity and says he doesn’t believe in Jesus.

Surprisingly he later found out that the woman who hugged him was a Christian. That was unbelievable. After all the criticism —he had someone who was a Christian to show him some love by hugging him. That was a mind-boggling situation that challenged his thoughts and beliefs.

He said:

“I never had a Christian do that. I have never experienced a Christian show so much love towards a self-knowing Satanist… And it stayed with me, though.”

That hug from the woman became the basis of his conversion to Christianity because he hadn’t experienced such kind of love before.

He thought in his mind that he doesn’t deserve the love and grace of God. He felt so far away from restoration because of the deep hurt inside.

An emotional Swiegelaar revealed he is openly gay; despite this —God showed him that Christianity is not a gated community, and that it’s about grace and love.

The Bible never preaches hate against unbelievers or sinners but love, compassion, and kindness.

“The person who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” (1 John 4:8)

That very interview became his very last program as a leader of a Satanist church. He also explained how he had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ a week later while undertaking his normal ritual at home.

He asked God if He really exist… Then something happened to him. Swiegelaar said at that very moment Jesus appeared to him and flooded him with the most incredible love and energy.

“This is how I recognize the love of Jesus Christ.”

This subsequently led to his new faith in Jesus. He dissolved his membership after resigning as the leader.

“To be honest, I initially thought I’d quietly slip out the backdoor and I didn’t think people would be so interested in why I do what I do,” Riaan said.

“The organisation is very big and there are certain things I would not be able to talk about as I signed a non-disclosure agreement.”

Since his conversion, he has been actively talking about Jesus and asking people not to follow him but Jesus. You can watch him speak on Facebook through this video.

He has found the Light of the world and so feels relieved to share his testimony and love with others.

Riaan has also revealed that he is not going to push himself on members of the cult to come out but rather share the unconditional love he has found in Christ Jesus with everyone.

The governing body of the Satanic Church of South Africa has given an official statement confirming the resignation of Swiegelaar.

Finally, the story of this Satanic Church leader, Riaan Swiegelaar reminds Christians that indeed Jesus came for the lost as stated in the Bible. Again love conquers everything.

“When Jesus heard this he said to them, “Those who are healthy don’t need a physician, but those who are sick do. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Mark 2:17)

He is now sharing the gospel on Facebook almost every day to tell about Jesus Christ and the love he has found in him.

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