Co-Pastor Of Bethel Church Beni Johnson Dies Of Cancer At Age 67

Beni Johnson of Bethel Church does at age 67

Beni Johnson — photo credit Facebook

The co-Pastor of Bethel Church, Beni Johnson the wife of Pastor Bill Johnson has passed on to her eternal home. She is reported to have died on Wednesday after fighting cancer for a very long time. She died at the age of 67 years.

This sad story was seen on a Facebook post by her husband, Bill Johnson on Thursday. In the post, he said his wife is now “healthy and free.” The caption of a photo of Beni Johnson also reads —she had died on July 13.

It has been a long journey since she started battling cancer which has ended her life here on earth. Beni Johnson officially announced that she had breast cancer in 2018.

It could be remembered how The Redding, California-based Bethel Church requested prayers for Beni’s health since February this year. Prayers became the only hope to restore her health through faith. Believers all around the world were encouraged to say prayers for Beni.

This request received a positive response from church members and all believers hoping God will miraculously heal her.

“As many of you already know, Beni Johnson has been on a health journey of overcoming cancer. We’ve been praying consistently, and she has experienced a measure of breakthrough,” the church wrote.

But after many months of battling cancer, the church revealed on its Facebook page on Wednesday that she had entered into hospice.

“In February 2022, we called the global Church to pray as our beloved Senior Leader, Beni Johnson, wife of Bill Johnson, has been contending with cancer. Hundreds of thousands of you have been praying regularly for her complete healing,” the church explained.

“Here is the current situation: Late last week, Bill, Beni, and their doctors felt that the time had come to transition from treating the cancer with chemotherapy to relieving her symptoms. Beni is now at home with hospice care.”

Beni Johnson’s death has also been confirmed by two of her sons. They wrote to let everyone know how their Mom has joined her Maker who lives in Heaven.

Brian Johnson, one of the sons and a worship leader at Bethel, wrote, “My Mom went home tonight… Love you mom.”

Again, Eric also wrote on his Instagram page: “I love you mom. See you on the other side.”

Co-Pastor Beni Johnson has been an integral part of Bethel Church. She is an author, Bible teacher, and intercessor who contributed immensely together with her husband Bill Johnson to touch many hearts around the world with the Word of God. The Church is globally known for its innovative worship songs and the importance placed on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Beni wrote many books such as “Healthy and Free” and “The Happy Intercessor.”

The Johnson’s became co-Pastors and senior leaders of Bethel Church in 1996. The Church now boasts of 1000’s of members worldwide.

Bill wrote on social media that Beni is now “Healthy and free” in her eternal home in heaven.

Looking at the current situation, prayers are needed to encourage the Johnson family to stay strong in the faith. Loved ones, church members and other believers around the world have shared their love and condolences in thousands of comment messages.

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