Who Is Gary Busey? Biography, Marriage And Religion

Gary Busey — religion, faith and marriage


Who Is Gary Busey?

Gary Busey is an American actor.


Gary Busey was born in Goose Creek, Texas on June 29, 1944. His mother was called Sadie Virginia, a homemaker. His father was called Delmer Lloyd Busey, a construction design manager.

He played the role of Buddy Holly in The Buddy Holly Story in 1978. Gary is best known for roles in films such as Lethal Weapon, Point Break, and Predator 2. He has starred in about 60 movies.

Is Gary Busey Married?

Gary is married to Steffanie Sampson since 2008. He has 3 children. Gary has been through a couple of unsuccessful relationships. He married and divorced these women: Judy Helkenberg and Tiani Warden.

Garey Busey in movie set
Amelia Rose, Gary Busey, Ona Domenech Arasa on set of Freaky Saturday Night Fever

What Is The Religion Of Gary Busey?

Gary Busey’s faith is in the Christian religion. He was born a Christian and is proud to believe in Jesus Christ. Gary’s faith became solid after a survival accident in which he believes God saved him.

Busey had a motor accident on December 4, 1988, he was not wearing a helmet and so had a fractured skull. He suffered permanent brain damage.

This experience compelled him to be outspoken about his Christian faith while in Hollywood.

In 1996, Busey publicly announced that he was a Christian, saying:

“I am proud to tell Hollywood I am a Christian. For the first time I am now free to be myself.”

Busey recalls the motorcycle accident and his cocaine abuse in 1995 as events that strengthened his Christian faith.

Gary has granted several interviews in which he speaks about the power of God and how to worship Him.

In an interview with Larry King in 2005, Busey said:

“I saw angels,” referring to his near-death experience on an operating table after his 1988 motorcycle accident. “And they don’t look like what they look like on Christmas cards,” he added. “They’re big balls of light that float and carry nothing but love and warmth.” That led to his 1996 announcement: “I am proud to tell Hollywood I am a Christian. For the first time, I am now free to be myself.”

Again, in an interview with Christian Walk, Gary Busey talked about his faith in Jesus Christ.

MEEUWSEN: For a lot of parents — if their child said, “I want to go to Hollywood and get into this business,” a lot of parents would balk at that. Your mom and dad really supported you, didn’t they?

Mr. BUSEY: Well, my dad told me I could do anything I wanted to do. I was raised as a Christian, baptized when I was 12, but I didn’t really have any idea of what it was like to be a true, full-blooded Christian until I went through the experiences that God gave me to go through.

Gary further explained how important prayer life is during the interview. He explained by saying something like this:

“And let me talk to you about the power of prayer. Prayer should be in appreciation, not in supplication. When you go to pray for, “Oh, I need a new home, I need a better job, I need a relationship that works, I need this, I need this, I need that,” the first thing you do when you pray from now on is start by thanking Jesus. Start by thanking the Lord God for what you have, because he knows what you want before you ask it, and if you do it with praise first, that’s the biggest thing for God, is praise and affirmation. And if you pray with thankfulness and you know in the Bible it says, “If you ask for it, I will give it to you,” but you must ask for it in appreciation. That’s a big step, learning to pray, and I’ve learned that because I pray every day.”

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