World’s First Jesus Christ Simulator Allows Players To Fight Satan And Perform Miracles

Jesus simulator performing a miracle

The World’s first Jesus Christ simulator allows you perform miracles and attack Satan with fireballs.

As the world advances in technology, some Christian leaders, pastors, engineers, activists, scientists, doctors, etc, are capitalizing on this as a medium to spread the gospel. It has been relatively simple for them to use advanced technology to share the Word of God.

Two companies known as SimulaM and PlayWay have come out with the first Jesus Christ simulator that allows the player to destroy satan and perform miracles.

It will soon be available on various app stores. This game is called ” I Am Jesus Christ” and it targets the Christian world which makes up 2.38 billion people.

Within the game, there is the inclusion of certain important events such as Jesus’s baptism, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection.

Players need to wear VR goggles to act like Jesus Christ in the virtual world performing miracles and destroying Satan by throwing fireballs at him.

SimulaM CEO Maksym Vysochanskiy when having an interview with Vice said he was inspired by computer-animated movies 20 years ago and now his dream has come to reality.

Am Jesus Christ simulator
Photo credit: Steam

The first of its kind to let people virtually put themselves in the shoes of Jesus Christ and perform some of his marvelous acts as recorded in the Bible.

Sources say the game begins by searching for John the Baptist. The simulator together with the VR googles helps the player see the hands of virtual Jesus as they ’embody’ him in the simulation.

The Christian world is already curious to know more about this “I Am Jesus Christ” simulator which would be released in December 2022. They are eagerly waiting to experience how things work out.

It is also a debating topic among theologians and other faithful Christians how a video game could be compatible with the teachings from the Holy Scriptures.

Am Jesus Game
Photo credit: Steam

Although it is filled with Biblical teachings such as from John 2: 1-11 in which Jesus turned water into wine to save a marriage.

The simulator has it that after Jesus defeated Satan, he began his preaching and went ahead to Jerusalem.

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