Ukrainian Christian Boxer Oleksander Usyk Thanks God After Win Over Anthony Joshua

Christian Ukrainian Boxer Oleksander Usyk Thanks God After the victory over Anthony Joshua

Ukrainian Christian Boxer Oleksander Usyk — photo credit Reuters

The second fight between Oleksander Usyk and the British boxer Anthony Joshua ended in a win for the Ukrainian champion last Sunday. Usyk demonstrated his faith and beliefs in God and Christ Jesus after winning the match. The venue in Saudi Arabia hosted 10,000 audiences.

“I want to thank everyone who prayed for me,” Usyk told Sky News after the match.

“I want to thank God for the help that he gave me today, because he did give me a lot today. My Lord is Jesus Christ.”

It’s quite uncommon to see sportsmen with different fans and followers of religion, races, etc publicly declare their faith or religion. But to someone like Usyk, it’s a different story.

Usyk became an orthodox Christian when he was a kid. The Ukrainian grew up with the faith and so could often be seen with a cross-chain around his neck. He is the guy who gives praises to God after every victory.

When faced with Anthony Joshua, Usyk won on a split points decision after the pair went the full 12 rounds.

Usyk retained his heavyweight titles and gave thanks and praises to God. He again gave encouragement to his country and family.

“I devout this victory to my country, to my family, to my team to all people, military who are defending the country, thank you so much.”

“This is already history, many generations will watch this fight, especially the round when someone tried to beat me hard but I stand it and turned it in a different way. Thanks God,” Usyk continued.

Although his country, Ukraine is under attack by the forces of Vladimir Putin. He maintained a positive mindset to make his country proud.

On 26 February 2022, Usyk told Putin to put a stop to the invasion… He then joined the country’s territorial defense forces to defend his country.

Usyk had no choice, but to leave in March to prepare for his rematch with Anthony Joshua which came off last Sunday with a win for him. Usyk has successfully defended the title he took from AJ last year.

He has cemented his Christian identity wherever he finds himself. During interviews, he simply declare his faith and fate in the hands of the Lord.

In response to a question about his future, whether he will become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world or not, he said:

“Only God knows if I will or not. Thanks Lord for everything.”

Usyk is determined to fight Tyson Fury for a unification match before he thinks of retirement. Tyson Fury is also known to be a person who believes in God. He was recently seen praying for a little boy who was battling cancer.

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