Video Shows Black Pastor Being Arrested For Watering Neighbor’s Flowers

Black Pastor Arrested For Watering Neighbor's Flowers

There is a viral video online that has angered a lot of Christians and many other people. Something annoying happened on May 22 when a pastor watering his neighbor’s flowers got arrested by the police. This incident happened in Childersburg, Alabama when it was getting dark on that fateful day. Rev. Michael Jennings got the shock of his life when he decided to water the flowers of his neighbor (purple petunias and hydrangeas) because the neighbor was on vacation.

Jennings, the 56-year-old pastor explained his ordeal by saying that he had done this many times in the last seven years in the neighborhood on Sixth Avenue, just a few blocks from the Childersburg Police Department.

Reports say at 6 p.m., a police car drove slowly closer to where Jennings was watering the flowers and parked there.

Jennings, who is a Black man knew the racial discrepancies innocent people face in the hands of cops so he quickly realized something crazy was about to happen.., recalled saying to himself, “Here we go.” Then, according to body camera footage, Jennings was approached by an officer who asked him, “What you doing here, man?”

“Watering flowers,” Jennings replies, holding a hose.

The video footage depicts Jennings replying he is “Pastor Jennings” who lives across the street. The officer then asked him to provide identification. But Jennings didn’t — instead, he said he had done nothing wrong and that he was being racially profiled.

In a few minutes, he was arrested. The police meant Jennings was “obstructing government operations.” This baseless charge finally got dropped.

According to Jennings’ lawyer called Harry Daniels —authorities did not proceed with the charges because they realized Jennings had not broken any law.

His lawyer said this on Tuesday:

“This is a case of police abuse, police intimidation and racial profiling.”

Below is the video footage:

Jennings and Daniels said they planned to file a lawsuit next week.

The public is wondering how the police got informed to embarrass Pastor Jennings while watering a neighbor’s flower.

According to Daniels —the police received a call from a neighbor named Amanda who reported “suspicious activity” at the home.

Sources say Amanda seems not to have recognized her own neighbor Pastor Jennings when watering the flowers at that very day. She revealed the truth to the police that Jennings lives in the neighborhood and it was a normal activity he often does. She then blamed herself for all that arrest and its embarrassment to Jennings.

For Pastor Jennings, he says he is not going to hate anyone ( the one with whom he is watering his flowers or the one who called the cops on him) but to treat everyone with love as the Bible has stated. He has been a pastor for at least 30 years and so understands the power of love and forgiveness.

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