Who Is MC Hammer, Biography, Marriage, Religion And More

MC Hammer — religion, wife, faith and more

Who Is MC Hammer?

MC Hammer is an American rapper, dancer, record producer and songwriter. He is also into entrepreneurship.


MC Hammer was born Stanley Kirk Burrell on March 30, 1962, in Oakland, California. His stage name “Hammer” has been widely known as one of the most entertaining rappers and dancers ever to come out in the 20th century. His hit songs include “U Can’t Touch This” and “2 Legit 2 Quit”.

He started from a poor beginning as he was staying with his mother in an apartment in East Oakland. Despite his small beginnings he has made a lot of achievements and reached a net worth of $33 million.

How Did MC Hammer Get His Name

Stanley got the nickname “M.C.” when he used to perform in clubs as “master of ceremonies”. He later changed the meaning of MC —”Master of Ceremonies” to “Man of Christ” after finding his faith back in God as a Christian.

Is MC Hammer Still Alive?

Hammer is still alive as of September 2022. He is 60 years old.

Is MC Hammer Married?

MC Hammer is known to have married Stephanie as his wife after meeting her at a church revival on 21st December 1985. They have been married for about 40 years now. The couple has five children.

What Is The Religion Of MC Hammer?

MC Hammer is known to have grown up as a Pentecostal in the Christian religion. He found the Christian faith while a young boy. Stanley started attending Bible studies in 1984. This means MC Hammer is familiar with the word of God already.

MC Hammer with Gabby Douglas
MC Hammer (left) with Gabby Douglas (right)

His knowledge of the Bible and faith made him join a street ministry and formed a gospel rap group that included  Jon Gibson (or J.G.) known as the Holy Ghost Boy(s).

Hammer once backslid in his faith but got back to God as a prodigal son and reaffirmed his beliefs in Christ Jesus. He was in the world grinding in a secular lifestyle. It is reflective of how success blindfolded him from his true beliefs as a child of God.

Stanley has an interesting story about how he survived bankruptcy, and how he was able to stand firm in a traumatic situation when his wife was battling cancer.

He explained how God spoke to him in a dream: “God said, ‘You have suffered mentally and physically, but if you keep your love for Me through all this, you can come out.’”

Hammer awoke to find his pastor, Willie Harper, at his side. “I’m ready for the mission God’s given me. I plan on being obedient”.

According to Stanley, God brought him out of all these troubles so he felt the need to rededicate his life to God.

He then themed it in a song entitled “He Brought Me Out,” on the album, Family Affair., which is a reflective of his journey back to God.

Today, Hammer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area living as an ordained Evangelical minister. He preaches to people, he sings gospel songs with other gospel artists like Cece Winans to bring the lost to Christ.

He never feels ashamed to publicly announce his beliefs and faith in Christ Jesus as a Christian. He is known to have preached in Barbados jail to bring 42 inmates to Christ Jesus. He also reaches out to students to bring them to God.

Despite his effort to sing and preach to bring people to Jesus, others believe his method of soul winning is quite secular and so needs to be properly addressed. Some Christians doubt his genuine faith in living for God. His story has been like that of Apostle Paul in the Bible or more likely rapper Kanye West.

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