Police Arrest A Woman Holding ‘Abolish Monarchy’ Sign During King Charles Declaration In Scotland

Anti-Royalists hold up a placard in protest during King Charles' Ascension Proclamation


Anti-Royalists hold up a placard in protest during an Accession Proclamation Ceremony at Mercat Cross, publicly proclaiming King Charles III as the new monarch. Photo credit: Robert Perry/Getty Images

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has necessitated the accession of a new King to the throne. And last Sunday brought about the grand day of declaring the new King —being Charles III at Edinburgh, Scotland.

The declaration was held in several other cities, counties and towns to announce the accession of a new King but in Scotland, something dramatic happened.

The police reported that they have arrested a woman who appeared in the audience holding a placard demonstrating an anti-monarchy sign.

This sounds a little weird because the Kingdom has existed for several years and nothing shows it will decline or ever get abolished anytime soon.

Historically, the British monarch is known to be in existence for more than 1,200 years and has been in operation for 37 generations.

The unnamed protestor is said to be a 22-year-old woman who held the anti-monarch sign that reads “F–k Imperialism! Abolish Monarchy”.

According to The Post —a spokesperson for Police Scotland said the arrest is in “connection with a breach of peace”.

It appeared that there were other protestors who are also against monarchical rule.

However, the said woman who got arrested is among them and the intention was to disrupt the official declaration of King Charles as the new sovereign of the United Kingdom.

The Evening Edinburgh News also reported that some of the crowd cautioned the woman to show some respect to the new king but others encouraged her to do it because it’s part of exercising her freedom of speech.

One defendant said: “Let her go, it’s free speech”.

Boos could be heard while the declaration was going on. This showed there were several people who are displeased with the ceremony or the governance of the Monarch for reasons better known to them.

The woman who got arrested for displaying the placard during Charles’s accession; as of now hasn’t been officially charged by authorities.

According to The Herald Scotland —the protesters are known to be a group of displeased people who want Scotland to secede from the United Kingdom. They went ahead to boo the ceremony.

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