Pastor Leads Church Members To Be Killed For Challenging Gang Group in Haiti

Pastor Marco of Church of the Pool of Bethesda in Caradeux, Haiti

Pastor Marco of Church of the Pool of Bethesda in Caradeux, Haiti

Pastor Marco of Church of the Pool of Bethesda in Caradeux, Haiti YouTube/Eglise Evangelique Piscine de Bethesda Officiel

It is surprising to hear of a so-called pastor ordering his congregation to revolt against a gang in Haiti. This questionable mistake has led to the death of at least 7 people. On Saturday, 26th August, 2023, the members of the Evangelical Church of the Pool of Bethesda in Caradeux, Haiti got a full blow on their face. Some members were killed, others injured and kidnapped.

Why would the body of Christ even march to attack a gang with sticks machete and the supposed belief of the anointing of the Holy Spirit? Since when did Jesus instruct believers to fight?

It all happened when pastor Marcorel Zidor popularly known as Pastor Marco in a live video stream before the massacre convinced his congregation to march toward a local junta who were heavily armed with guns.

This live stream was made available via YouTube on Saturday with the catchy message that translates as “SATURDAY OF MIRACLES AND HEALING.”

During their service, pastor Marco told his members to march against the notorious gang group located in a squatter community just outside Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, popularly known as Canaan.

Marco led his members in a prayer urging them to be fearless against the junta and their bullets. In prayer, they all asked for a special anointing like that of the biblical King David who killed Goliath the giant.

This notorious gang is known to challenge and assault the local police according to Haiti Libre. Their activities have caused some instabilities in the country.

In a translated video Marco prayed:

“May the anointing of David … enter into me… so I can knock Goliath to the ground,” Marco declared. “These Goliaths must fall.”

As the leader of the church, he succeeded in indoctrinating his members to be fearless against bullets.

One member when asked if there is anything putting fear in her responded:

“What’s on us won’t get hit by bullets! What’s on us won’t get hit by the clip!”

It also appeared that these members were ready for some kind of self-defense because they felt fed up with the kind of suffering they were facing.

What happened next was pathetic as a video of the massacre has surfaced online.

The gang members were merciless, they opened fire on the revolting members killing at least 7. Pastor Marco allegedly abandoned his members, and fled on a motorcycle, Haiti Libre reported.

Haitian police are yet to make an official statement on the massacre. UN has also stepped in to address the human rights violations the pastor has taken his flock through.

Marie Yolène Gilles of the human rights group Fondasyon Je Klere/Eyes Wide Open Foundation has said in a statement to the Miami Herald that pastor Marco should be prosecuted for advocating violence and endangering the lives of his congregation.

“Bringing citizens to arm themselves against each other, provoking violence in pastoral speeches, are criminal acts provided for and punished by the Haitian penal code,” Gilles said in a statement. “Three to 15 years in prison is the penalty provided by the law in this matter. It’s time to enforce the law. Those who by their speech provoked this massacre and the perpetrators of this massacre must answer for their actions.”

When taken through the lens of the Bible, there is no scripture that instructs Christians to revolt or fight with sticks and matches. But Marco did that under the pretense of the anointing of God.

He has misled his flock into the den of wolves and lions and has failed to protect them. Now authorities are deliberating on this reckless move by the pastor and his members.

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