Fort Payne School Teacher Accused Of Being Intoxicated

Ann Harris charged with intoxication

(49-year-old Harris — DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office)

On Monday, a 49-year-old school teacher named Melissa Ann Harris was charged with public intoxication. Harris being a teacher at Fort Payne Middle School in Northeastern Alabama has found herself in hot waters.

According to DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office online booking records, she was also found with alcohol, plus a controlled substance at the school premises.

These substances are prohibited by the school and lawmakers. School officials upon finding out the mess contacted the police. For a teacher to be intoxicated on campus during school hours isn’t an acceptable behavior so the situation was handed into the hands of law makers.

According to  WAAY-TV, school officials reported the incident upon being suspicious of this said teacher being intoxicated while on campus.

The incident is currently in the hands of Fort Payne PD and Fort Payne City School Officials for further investigation to be conducted.

According to WAFF-TV, a school resource personnel responded to the school’s report and arrested Harris after taking her through a respective interview.

It felt like there was nothing to do than to hand over Harris to law enforcement for further investigation on this matter.

The School’s authorities haven’t kept mute over this issue but have given lawmakers the green light to take her through the appropriate process.

It is reported that Fort Payne City Schools Superintendent Brian Jett released a statement indicating that the matter is officially in the hands of the DeKalb County District Attorney’s office. In this case, everyone has to wait for the final verdict before any other comment. He further clarified there weren’t any casualties and no student was in danger.

Fort Payne City Schools Superintendent Brian Jett told WAFF in a statement that the matter was turned over to law enforcement officials and the DeKalb County District Attorney’s office. Jett added that no students were in danger.

“We have no further comment pending the current internal and criminal investigations,” Jett said in his statement.

This is a developing story and at this moment, sources say a bail of $4,500 has been set.

The general public is eagerly waiting to hear the final verdict and see if it will be a deterrent to other teachers or officials who might be indulging in this kind of unacceptable behavior.

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